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Wednesday, May 08, 2013


Well, recently replay my Harvest moon back to nature and tried to break my own record. hahaha
here I have some tips where you can't find in any other websites. I have been tried to find any events that I missed, and any tips, but seems some little thing like this I couldn't find it anywhere. So here little helps for those amateurs. cheers! :D

--> Some says its hard or try to catch at the mother hill's lake, but i beg to differ. Majority big fishes/ medium/ small fishes are appearing WHEN THE NIGHT FALLS.
Go to the beach after 5PM and I'm quite sure you will bring more fishes home than usual.
special tips: more fishes can be found at beside the Zack's house and the shallow beach head. (:
--> You can catch any legendary fishes even with ur fishing rod, not necessary with fishing pole, but anyway to get fishing pole i think i don't have to mention this anymore, u all should know it already. haha
--> don't have to spend your time much on fishing on Summer, I dont  understand why but fishes seems dislike the summer hot days, so they seldom come out especially in the sea. If you really want to fish, then fish at the waterfall. at least will get some small fishes and medium ones. (:
--> BEST season for fishing is... WINTER!!
I caught two legendary fishes and got my three power berries on the first day of winter. Location wise I won't explain much as you all can find it on guide book or internet guideline.
Oh, speaking of power berry, please don't waste your time on trying to fish it out during Spring year 1. You may try to fish as much as possible but don't stress over it. Fish it during winter can 100% guarantee you to get the berry. hee.. hee.. (:

--> Ann is sure easy to get, simply talk to her everyday then she falls in love with u already. lol nah I'm just kidding. It will increase bit by bit though. (:
To get any events for the other girls other than the one you crush on, simply be friend with them BUT, PLEASE TAKE NOTE, if you want to see all the villager girls to get married after yours, then don't make their love meter to hit max, which is red.
Well i married to Elli, (because she's damn easy to get),so i had Popuri left with Kai on the fall year 2, then held their wedding on year 3 summer, and Rick married with Karen on year 2 Spring, and Mary with Gray on year 3 Spring. So where is Ann? As i told you she's easy going, she is crazy for me as I treat her nicely. So I was very confused how come I already triggered all the events for her but still doesn't get married after one week? So i went to replay the day before her wedding, and spam her all the rubbish i fished, and some weed grasses, then her love meter turned orange, after that when to sleep then next day finally Gray come to invite me! (:
So when that girl has a big red love for you, you can't have her to get married for the rest of your game. You can increase back the love meter after the marriage is over. So to avoid this kind of complication (like mine) just don't flirt with them when they are single, but at the same time can't let them hate you. so yellow or orange hearts are the best.

--> Quarrels event
well.. I failed to meet this Kai event at Inn as I already be friend with him after 2nd Summer year 1. What I'm trying to say is don't talk to him after the swimming festival which is day 2. Go to the Inn after 5PM on day 2, and you will see this event. Choose the don't know, don't care option to avoid any complications as in my opinion it is really childish to accuse someone to flirt with ladies, if you have confident with your partner you don't have to worry about she will betray you. And as for Kai, he may really sounds very irritating and proud of himself, but that is his personality too, you can't blame him for that and stand for Duke and Rick. Follow what Doug says. Stay out of this.
--> Elli events
I proposed to her on the winter year 1, hahaha missed most of Elli events with doctor, but I don't care. At the same time, I never experienced the starry night festival at their homes as I always married before that. So will have the festival at home. Quite sad because I wanted to trigger this. Even when I have the marriage at 25 which is the day after the starry night, but still I can't enter their houses, makes me feel so lonely when nobody invited me.. hahaha T__T
--> Gray event
According to other players, Gray will come to your farm to borrow your water mill for work, but I missed this, even though I'm trying to treat him nicely, give him gifts before Autumn but to my surprise I heard that you will trigger this only when you haven't upgraded your house into second extension. lol sigh.. what a pity because I already did that. So if you don't want to miss any events, don't work so hard like me (I never used any gameshark or cheating), try to relax so you will get all those events. (:

--> I only married to Ann and Elli, so I can't say much for others.
to trigger Ann event, after married, you must try to finish all your work like feeding your animals, but If you have alot of plants don't water them I'm very sure you will miss this event, if you do that.
Ok, go to the mother hill's base before 10AM (you see? you will have to finish all your work before 8 and rush to mother hill) then you will get to see Ann is sleeping on the grass. Approach her and you will have two options. Of course one is wake her up and the second is sleep beside her. She will be very happy and surprised if you choose to stay with her ( well, girls like surprises and caring husband anyway :)
Why must take care of animals first? because she will sleep until 5PM and you all will go home together and reach home at 8PM. your animals sleep at 9PM, so it is better to do it before they're sleeping,( you may want to rush everything in one go after you triggered this as this is just my suggestion, because I think when we're sleeping we don't like people to wake us up do we? haha well for me I hate this thing)
Elli~ event is when Stu come to pass you a grasshopper. After Elli came out from house throw that insect before talk to her, then she will know Stu came to trick her, if you're holding the insect while talking to her she will think it is from you and cries.

Well thats all I can say, below are some pictures from my farm, have a look. fyi, its psx from pc, not playstation. (:
 This is my year 3 summer, I like checker, thats why designed my land like this,  I asked harvest spirits to help me water the center plants, as I help them to water the side parts. lolol I'm very lazy to weed the grasses, so I plant half of my farm with grasses. It produce fodder anyway, I'm benefited. :D
 This is my current achievement. I'm quite sure the farm can't hit 100% completion for Harvest moon back to  nature, for other version may be differed though.
That's all for today, feel free to comment if you have any problems regarding harvest moon back to nature, I will help if I can. enjoy! (:

Friday, December 23, 2011

One Piece- Merry Going

Going Merry is Luffy's first pirate ship, and it is a gift from Princess Kaya when Luffy is on his way from recruiting his crews at east blue. Merry has taken Luffy and team traveled from east blue until the water seven. Going Merry took an inordinate amount of damage during its "lifetime", being blown up, impaled, and even sliced up multiple times. Eventually, the Going Merry could no longer continue and received a Viking funeral. After that Merry is taken place by Thousand Sunny made by Franky ( Luffy's shipwright) and friends.
Below is the picture drawn by me, taken from chapter 428, which i think the most awesome picture of Merry. haha! not so good though. m still "mada mada dane".
ps: Merry going part is the most touching part for me.. ):
Going Merry

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Fairy Tail photo collection

WENDY (the sky dragon slayer)

 Natsu Dragneel (the fire dragon slayer)
 Gray (ice mage)
Gazille (iron dragon slayer)

 Loki (Leo the steller spririt)
 Lucy (steller mage)
 Juvia (water mage)
 Bixlow & Fried
 Erza Scarlet
Gray and Juvia

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bleach 12 opening ost (lyrics and mp3)

Change by Miwa

Lyrics ( Romaji )
Nabikanai nagasarenaiyo
Ima kanjiru koto ni sunao de itai no
Nando demo umarekawaruno
Kanashimi mo dakishimete
Kanashi uragiri ni atte
Torawarenai atashi ga koko ni iru
Tarinai tsukinai nandatte
Motto hizumasete yo
(Takaru) Okashi konna sekai jan
Jibun ga dare nanoka wakaranakunaru
Wafuu ni hanaritakunai ka
Kimetsukenai de yo
Uchi dake michi wo yuku no
Soko ni itatte, matte itatte
Nani mo hajimarenai
~ chorus ~
Nabikanai nagasarenaiyo
Ima kanjiru koto ni tsunao de itai no
Dareka no omoi-doori ni wa sasenai wa
Nando te mo umarekawaruno
Kanashimi mo dakishimete
Anata no moto ni wa
Mou kaerinai wa
Atashi wa atashi rashiku

12 - Miwa - Change.mp3

Ao No Exorcist

Ao の Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) is a new manga released in 2011. This manga almost similiar to D.Gray-Man ( ) which is
talk about a boy named Rin Okumura whose the son of Satan (akuma king), eventually become an exorcist.
Rin lives with his guardian + Father + Exorcist = Fujimoto Shiro ,whose has been possessed by Satan, and has been drag to hell which can be find in 2nd episode of anime (first episode of manga).
Rin's feel depressed and regret upon his father's death, hence he determinant to become an exorcist to kill the demon (akuma) rather than become the son of Satan. Before begin his journey to become an exorcist, Rin has to learn from an Exorcist School about how to be an exorcist and he was shocked due to his little brother Yukio Okumura, the timid, and quite boy, suddenly appear there and claim that he's their new lecturer.

the anime version is still on air , the latest episode was published on 4th of May'11.
watch it here

or prefer to read the manga which has reached episode 24.

read it here

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Mobile suit Gundam 00 'my artwork'

After watched Moblie Suit Gundam 00 ( Awakening of the Trailblaizer ) ,I took 3 days to finish each gundam.

ps: kinda lazy,but desire to draw, lol 

here,my art work.. ^^
dozo yoroshiku.. =)